Full-stack developer

We are looking for a full-stack developer to join us as:

Working student –
earning good money, while fitting your university schedule

As a full-stack developer we want to turn you into THE expert for developing responsive web applications. You get the opportunity to dive deeply into a variety of technologies, trends and startup spirit within a very short period of time.

You will work closely with Octorank’s very small and dedicated product team and enjoy a friendly atmosphere with a lot of community events, activities and networking in our Berlin co-working space. But if you prefer, you can also work from home or from the Bahamas 🙂

Your responsibilities:

  • Develop new features for our web application using well-known frameworks.
  • Get involved in code review, deployment on GitHub and quality assurance.
  • Implement automatic tests

You qualifications/requirements:

  • Certificate of enrolment of a German university
  • You have experience working on real-world responsive web applications, through university projects or prior job experience.
  • Knowledge of Ruby (> 2.3) , Ruby on Rails, git and MySQL
  • Proficiency with SASS, CoffeeScript, Redis and ElasticSearch is not required, but advantage.
  • You have a good grasp on computer science fundamentals and a desire to understand the entire stack in depth.
  • You are excited to work with new technologies and learn on the job.

What we offer:

  • We offer the opportunity to dive into the startup ecosystem and to sharpen your profile as a full-stack developer.
  • We guarantee a competitive compensation based on your experience.
  • We provide you the best possible learning experience, the opportunity to grow personally and the possibility to get to a new level in your professional career.


To apply for this job opportunity, please contact André Rieck via jobs@octorank.com.

About Octorank

Octorank is a growing tech company based in Berlin. We provide startup scouting and deal flow management software for our corporate clients such as BASF, Deutsche Telekom or Vattenfall. Join our mission to boost innovation and to provide new business opportunities for both startups and corporates.